Brilliant Book Suggestions: ‘Fox 8’ & ‘The Pharaoh’s Treasure’

Good attitudes usually start at a young age—just like a child’s love for books.

Anthony Ascione, with Brilliant Books in Traverse City, has a few more book recommendations for voracious readers.

And this one could be a big help teaching kids and adults to love others.

‘Fox 8’ by George Saunders

“This book follows the story of Fox 8, who is an actual scampering around the woods fox,” Ascione says. “He learned to speak human by listening to a mother tell her children bed time stories…So with his new skill, he goes back to his clan of foxes and says look at this thing I can do. And they say great. Come read this for us, what does the sign say. And it’s a sign that developers are going to start to build in the forest. And so Fox 8 has to help his clan survive. He has to find a new food source. It’s about human nature, nature and kindness. It’s about how we can all stand to be kinder in our lives.”

‘The Pharaoh’s Treasure: The Origins of Paper and the Rise of Western Civilization’ by John Gaudet

Speaking of telling stories, do you ever think about what they are written on?

A history of paper, with a special focus on Egypt’s papyrus paper, that’s what Ascione says history buffs will love to read about in this next book recommendation.

“This book is all about paper and the invention of paper and the paper industry in Egypt and how papyrus paper is one of the best types of paper that has been invented short of only modern paper production,” Ascione says. “It’s a pretty remarkable invention. Paper is a big part of my life that I take for granted and don’t really think about. This book really changed that….(this would be a good read for) anyone who is interested in the history of industry, the history of paper, anyone who likes niche historical narratives.”

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