Bears On the Move in Northern Michigan

Spring has sprung and bears are waking up. They are on the move once again in Northern Michigan.

Typically bears enter their den by December and come out in late March or April. We received a video of a bear on a person’s porch near Gaylord.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says it’s important to remember that this is the time of year bears are on the move looking for food.

Keep an eye on your bird feeders and trash cans.

“Biggest thing is you have to remove the food sources, bear absolutely love bird food, they love suet, the love sunflower seeds, they love corn, they love peanuts. If you’re feeding it to any kind of wildlife, bears will probably eat it,” says Vernon Richardson, wildlife biologist with the Cadillac DNR.

If you have a troublesome bear and you’ve removed food sources, the DNR can set traps and relocate the bear, but that’s worst case scenario.

Call the DNR if you have any bear concerns.