Emmet County to Restore Funding for Local Lifesaving Equipment

Emmet County firefighters will continue to get funding for lifesaving equipment, after a vote by county commissioners last week.

We first told you about the issue two weeks ago when the Emmet County Fire Chief’s Association took exception to budget cuts made by the county.

Money used for lifesaving equipment, repairs and training was cut from $37,000 to $15,000, to be split by the seven departments in the county.

The county planned on cutting the funding completely in 2020, before changing course at their last meeting.

Fire officials say the funding helps provide a necessary service and gives relief to the already cash-strapped departments.

“By having this money we are able to continue the maintenance on our tools. There are no departments out there that are using this money that are just squandering it. It allows them to continue not having to make other cuts in their budgets, we all try to be conscious of what we spend our money on,” Resort Bear Creek Fire and Rescue Chief Al Welshiemer, said.

The fire departments will be on a year-to-year contract and will have to itemize the exact way in which the money is spent.