Cadillac Toy Store Helping Kids Get Crafty During Spring Break

If you’re looking for something to keep your kids active during Spring Break this week, Toy Town of Cadillac has you covered.

They are offering a different craft each day for $5.

Monday, kids were able to pick something to paint from a variety of toys, fidget spinners seemed to be the big hit.

Kids 3 and up can participate.

One mom says they were excited a business in town is offering a hands-on activity like this for families who decided to opt for a staycation.

“I work but I have a few days off during Spring Break to hang out with my daughter. So it’s nice to have something that we can do together when she’s going to be home when she’s not in school. And it’s nice that it’s kind of open all day, there’s not a certain time you have to be there., so it’s really easy to fit into the schedule for the day,” says Kristen Schoo, a mom from Cadillac.


Monday: Wooden Craft

Tuesday: Paint Your Bank

Wednesday: Mix Your Own Putty

Thursday: Stained Glass and Decoupage

Friday: Pick Your Own!

Saturday: Sand Art