New Theatre Opportunities for Kids

If you have little ones interested in theatre, there is more opportunity coming for them this spring and summer.

Parallel 45 Theatre in Traverse City is expanding their educational programs and children as young as three years old can take part.

Starting in April, they will offer free workshops for kids three to seven years old.

During these 45 minute sessions, kids will learn the basics of theatre through creative storytelling.

For kids ages five to eight years old, they can take part in a new summer camp at the Old Town Playhouse.

All kids enrolled will take part in a professional performance.

“Within our community, we have such an interest in theatre and there’s so many wonderful theatre programs for older children. We want to just be starting that off just a little bit younger, creating a love of theatre in kids,” said Erin Anderson Whiting, executive director for Parallel 45 Theatre.

If you would like learn more about these programs, you can click here.