Award-Winning: Aerospace Industry Sees Success in Northern Michigan

The aerospace industry continues to grow in Northern Michigan.

This week, The Michigan Celebrates Small Business Group just recognized two local aerospace companies for their success.

Off a county road in Newberry is where you can find the first award winner, Northern Wings is doing some impressive things for the defense industry across the country.

“We’ve earned quite a reputation in our industry as being one of the best in the business,” Northern Wings Operations Manager Chris Burger, said.

It’s a less-than 30 person company but Northern Wings, named the PTAC Best Small Business of the Year, is carrying its weight internationally.

“We provide build-to-print manufacturing, procurement distribution services and we also do some construction services,” Burger added.

Established in 2001, the company runs on government contracts and provides, repairs and support for the military.

Burger attributes their success to their team.

“We have a lot of great people, everyone here at the facility takes a lot of pride in what they do, the owner the quality manager and number of other people are former military people, so there’s a great deal of emphasis in supporting that type of effort,” Burger, explained.

South of the bridge in Traverse City, Atlas Space Operations was named one of “50 Companies to Watch.”

“Atlas has seen an incredible growth from a mere 6 employees to upwards of 30 now, including are contractors that support us,” ASO Chief Strategy Officer Mike Carey, said.

Atlas provides access to satellite communications in space.

“Our team is so remarkably talented,” Carey, added.

When it comes to growing the local economy, both companies are shooting for the stars.

“We can make it here. We can grow a global business here and the environment is perfect for business in Michigan,” Carey, explained.