Two Dry Hydrants Stolen in Isabella County

“Our biggest question is why,” said Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main.

Two dry hydrants were stolen in Isabella County.

Now the sheriff’s office is trying to figure out why.

The dry hydrants were last seen this past Saturday.

They look similar to this one.

These hydrants are used in rural areas that don’t have access to normal hydrants you’d typically see.

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Department says they have no leads on this yet.

These dry hydrants were the only  working ones for this area.

Now, firefighters will have to go farther away to get water.

This causes a safety concern if a fire were to happen.

“For the safety of the residents in that area and surrounding areas, they’ll I’m sure work on getting them back in there, but it’s not just something you do over night. There’s a process to it so it is kind of concerning a little bit,” said Main.

The sheriff says these aren’t easy to just drive by and take, so they’re asking for anyone that has information to give them a call.