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Producer Chat: International Happiness Day, Best Kindergarten Pics

If you’re happy and you know it… awesome!

We try to bring a little happiness to you every day here on the four.

Research shows happiness isn’t just good for your mood, it can also help you stay healthy.

We all have our good days and bad days, so if you aren’t feeling great, here are a few simple things psychologists say you should consider.

Move your bod!

Hormones kick in when you are physically active.

If you’re feeling down, something as simple as a quick walk can boost your mood.

Be social.

It’s part of human nature.

From family to friends, the bottom line is having another person on your side who you trust and feel safe with makes the world a lot less challenging.

Step outside.

Being outdoors gives you energy, helps relieve stress, and step away from our overscheduled lives.

And finally, disconnect.

We spend so much time indoors and online.

Experts also say social media can play a big part in our happiness.

Research shows that when people compare themselves to others based on social media posts, they tend to be less happy.

Andrew’s Mom is All of Us

And finally, one more to hopefully bring a smile to your face.

It’s spring school photo season, and this kindergartner is an absolute legend.

This is Andrew, just screaming his face off at the camera.

At first mom was furious—relatable—but then remembered she hadn’t paid for them yet.

Her anger also subdued when Andrew went viral because he’s hilarious.

The photos have been shared around the word more than 41,000 times.

Andrew’s mom posted saying “Knowing that his silly picture brought joy all over the world, how can I continue to be flustered?”

What a personality.

We love hearing and sharing feel good stories here on the four, especially when they involve awesome people around Northern Michigan, because chances are, they’ll make someone else happy too.

Send them to us at

Hopefully we can brighten up your day today.

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