Tech on Tuesday: Gardening Apps

After a long, cold winter, spring is finally on its way!

With warmer temperatures in the forecast, you may be starting to think about your spring gardening projects.

In this week’s Tech on Tuesday, we’re breaking down a few apps than can help you become a master gardener.

My Lawn: A Guide to Lawn Care (available for iOS and Android)

I’ll be the first to admit, my thumb is far from green. But My Lawn makes lawn maintenance easy and understandable.

My Lawn creates an easy-to-follow lawn care plan with recommendations based on your lawn size, location and climate.

The app sends you an alert when it’s time to feed, seed and water your lawn, so you never have to guess.

GrowIt! (available for iOS and Android

GrowIt! is the perfect app for beginning gardeners. With GrowIt!, you can share photos of your plants and connect with the GrowIt! community.

Have a problem with pests eating your tomatoes? Ask others in the GrowIt! community for their advice. You can also see what others are planting to get some inspiration.

If you come across a plant you like, simply tap on the information tab to learn how to grow it. The information tab includes information on how big the plant can get, how often to water it and feed it and when it will bloom.

The app also offers tips to properly prepare you soil, and offers advice on what you should and shouldn’t plant based on your location.

FlowerChecker (available for iOS and Android)

Have you ever come across an unknown plant in your yard, and weren’t sure how to identify it? Next time, let an expert help you out via the FlowerChecker app.

Simply snap a few photos of the plant and upload them to the app. From there, a team of experts will examine the photos and help you identify plants, moss and fungi.

Once you upload your photo, it can take a few minutes to a few hours for the FlowerChecker experts to respond. So far, the FlowerChecker experts have been able to correctly identify about 90 percent of the plants submitted.

It cost $1 per plant for identification, but you won’t have to pay anything if the team of experts can’t identify the plant.

Gardening Companion (available for iOS and Android)

Gardening Companion acts as your personal garden assistant to help you care for your plants.

The app offers thousands of articles on horticulture for you to browse through. You can track your garden’s growth by storing photos and logging notes in the app’s journal.

You can also set up notifications to remind you to water and fertilize your plants, and when the time is right to plant your veggies!

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