Experiencing Northern Michigan: Snowshoeing at the Heritage House in Cadillac

Tomorrow is the first official day of spring! Lately, all across Northern Michigan, we’ve been lucky enough to see above-freezing temperatures make their way Up North. Now that it’s already mid-March (anyone know where the time goes?), I’m looking forward to warmer weather and the fun, fresh-air activities that spring in NoMi has to offer. Still, until it warms up just a little bit more, I wanted to offer one final farewell to winter before I stuff my boots, hat, and coat away until Thanksgiving. So here’s a refreshing reminiscence of a resplendent experience snowshoeing with coworkers at the Heritage House a couple weeks back!

Earlier this month, in honor of a few company birthdays and the imminent end of the season, staff at 9&10 News organized an outdoor bonfire and snowshoeing adventure for employees to enjoy throughout the day. S’mores, hot dogs, and snacks for everyone! Simply getting outside during the workday feels fantastic. It’s a phenomenal stress reliever if you ever catch yourself feeling anxious, and it’s so vital to soak up that sunshine’s natural vitamin D.

The health benefits of taking a break during the day to go outdoors and enjoy some fresh air are undeniable. After spending even just 10-15 minutes soaking in those bright rays, I felt totally recharged, ready for a productive afternoon back at the office. Plus, snowshoeing is a great workout! There’s also great benefit in socializing with your colleagues outside of the office in a new environment. Sitting around the bonfire with my coworkers (some of whom I rarely see in a typical day at the office), I felt a sense of ease and relaxation as we engaged in the communal activity of toasting marshmallows together.

A group of us decided to embrace the cold, don some snowshoes, and go for a trek around the roughly hundred acres of property 9&10 News owns in Cadillac at 1 Broadcast Way. The excursion was frigid but incredible! Four of us colleagues at 9&10 each strapped on the spare pairs snowshoes we have on hand at the office, and we headed south from the White House (as it’s often affectionately described, also known as the Parthenon, or Headquarters) toward a frozen-over pond beyond the weather garden. As soon as I secured the snowshoes over my boots, I marched through the foot-deep snow in the shape of a heart before venturing on with my colleagues toward the frozen pond on the grounds.

Once we reached the thick ice, we turned around to snowshoe back toward the Heritage House. Looking north facing the 9&10 News Headquarters, the enormity of it all resonated with me. This iconic, beautiful building with a story all its own. How lucky we are to be here. How cool it is to take a snowshoeing break at work in our picturesque Northern Michigan backyard. The joys our seasons share with us when we embrace them wholly. Working for a locally owned company like Heritage Broadcasting, how exciting, unique, and fun to have an opportunity to explore the grounds on snowshoes alongside coworkers on a chilly March afternoon.

Whether you work in an office, a restaurant, a factory, or a shop downtown, remember to take a break and get outside to refuel your mental energy supply. Getting outdoors is so important! And if you can share your time outside with others, all the better for your health. The company of colleagues, making the most of the mid-day sunshine, the fun workout of snowshoeing, and enjoying a bonfire-smoked s’more with friends: what a wonderful way to spend a day at the office. What were your favorite moments from this season? Happy last day of winter, and cheers to the Spring Equinox tomorrow! I heard birds chirping today, so it sounds like spring is here to stay.

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