Antrim County Road Crews Work to Patch Pothole-Plagued Road

“This is an ugly time of year, it always is, this year has been especially worse.”

As winter wraps up, it’s time for a new season, pothole season.

This year seems especially bad for roads specifically in Antrim County.

Crews there are already trying to patch what they can.

This week they focused on Mancelona Road or County Road 38.

The road is covered in cracks, potholes and craters, with conditions some parts looks more like a gravel road than a paved road.

9&10 News spoke with many people in the area who say the conditions are the worst they’ve ever seen.

“It’s beating the crap out of everybody’s cars, one of my front tires started leaking from it,” Eric Childers, said.

“Mancelona Road is scary. A couple years ago it wasn’t too bad but over time with plows going through and everything, it has just gotten worse and worse,” Childers, added.

“The worst I’ve ever seen it, I’ve never seen it this bad,” Jessey Janus, said.

“They’ve been terrible, real bad, in fact they are actually out fixing them right now,’ Janus, added.

This week road crews began filling what they can, an encouraging sight for many.

“We were out all day yesterday, today and probably tomorrow again putting up a bunch of coal patch out there trying to get it passable, hopefully for the remainder of the year and next year,” Antrim County Road Commission Engineer/Manager Burt Thompson, said.

Thompson confirms that potholes are exceptionally bad this year. This week they’ve invested several thousand dollars into temporarily tackling the problem on Mancelona Road.

“December was very hard on all our pavements we had lots of freeze thaw cycles with rain and it just got in there and blew up a lot of the marginal pavements,” Thompson, explained.

They’re hoping these patches hold up until next year, when a planned re-pavement project is scheduled to begin.

“It should hold, we’ll stay on top of it as needed,” Thompson, added.

The planned $800,000 project has two phases, beginning with the paving of the first five miles of the road in 2020.