More Arrests Made in Prostitution Ring Bust in Benzie County

“A big city, you know, you can see it, but not here,” said Barbara Maxwell of Benzie County.

Three people were arrested on prostitution charges.

We can now update you on all three suspects involved.

Last week, we told you police arrested Kevin Bonney for hiring a suspected prostitute in Benzie County.

Now, the woman and another man involved have been formally charged.

“Well I was shocked that there would be you know like a prostitution ring in Benzie County,” said Maxwell.

Shocking, but under investigation.

Police arrested Bonney, accused of hiring a prostitute.

He works at Bio Tech Agronomics in Beulah.

Police also arrested Tonya Wynne from Muskegon for prostitution.

“Honestly it surprises me. I mean this is a pretty safe community,” said Tori Niswonger, who lives in Benzie County.

According to police, Wynne and Kenya Griffin, a Muskegon man, drove to Bonney’s home to meet him.

They say Griffin waited in the driveway with a hammer that he says he had for protection.

Griffin also faces charges including accepting money in exchange for prostitution, a 20 year felony.

“I hope it doesn’t happen again, but you know it’s the day and age that we live in,” said Maxwell.

Maxwell says she retired up here to be in a safe and quiet community.

She says she can’t believe something like this happened here.

“We just love it here and I just hate to see you know this kind of stuff going on up here,” said Maxwell.

She’s not the only one surprised.

“I’m really surprised honestly. It’s not something you hear every day around here,” said Niswonger.

Niswonger says she’s just glad police made the arrests.

“I’d like to feel like we’re safe around here. I always feel safe around here. We’re always walking up and down,” said Niswonger.

Although she’s shocked, she says this may not be the last case.

“I think we’re now realizing that it’s happening a lot more than we thought,” said Niswonger.