Newaygo County Flooding Causes Severe Damage to Homes, Roads

Newaygo County was downgraded to a flood advisory, but that’s not to say there isn’t heavy damage across the area.

The county emergency management center worked hard Saturday to address the needs of those impacted.

“This event impacted everyone; widespread we’ve got damage all across the county,” emergency management services director Abby Watkins said.

Driving through Newaygo County there are flooded yards are everywhere.

And at least 100 homes are damaged

“This storm impacted us pretty severely. We have 28 roads that are washed out with culverts, we had over 100 roads with water over them,” Watkins said.

Abby Watkins says she hasn’t seen anything like this in her 15 years with the county.

This isn’t our typical spring flooding. Homes that typically didn’t flood flooded.

Watkins tells that Fremont is one of the areas where homes saw severe flooding. One homeowner tells us the flooding actually caused their basement to cave in while they were still inside.

“It sounded like a freight train was coming through and all the electricity starting shouting off from the back of the house to the front and everybody started screaming, my daughter started screaming and we tried to gather our pets and get them into crates so we could get out of the house,” says Shelia Evans.

Watkins has reached out to the governor’s office for support

“We’re also reaching out to the state, our road damage is significant so we’re looking for help from the state to be able to recover,” she said.

Newaygo County wants to remind you to not drive through high flooded areas.

“We’ve had people get trapped, a lot of people get trapped this time around in this storm event in flood waters we have to rescue,” she said.

If your home was impacted click here.

For Red Cross, call (616)-899-4511.