Traverse City Students Participate in Youth Climate Strike

Young people throughout the country participated in rallies Friday regarding climate change.

Protesters called for the government to take more action to stop climate change as part of a global movement called the Youth Climate Strike.

In Washington, D.C. students skipped school to head to Capitol Hill in order to bring awareness to the issue.

Students wielded signs and chanted in hopes of having their voices heard. 

Across the country in San Francisco, hundreds marched down Market Street with signs and banners.

The marchers stretched for more than a block.

Northern Michigan joined in the effort with a climate change rally of its own.

Supporters joined the movement at the Bijou theatre in Traverse City Friday.

A group of about two dozen teenagers attended, along with a larger group of adults, for a short video presentation and a number of guest speakers on hand to address climate change and other issues.

Some members of Traverse City Central’s student environmental group were among those on strike, stepping out of school to support the rally.

“The students haven’t made their voices heard and I think it’s time we do that. And I think they’re important voices. A lot of people think just because they can’t vote means they don’t have a voice or don’t have a say in what’s going on, but I think that’s wrong. I think everyone has a say and I think that’s important,” said Katia Childs, a member of TC Central Students for Environmental Advocacy.

Several students, Traverse City’s mayor, and the director of the Michigan Climate Action Network also attended Friday’s rally.