Newaygo County Homeowners Deal With Flooding

The recent wet conditions are causing flooding in homes that don’t usually deal with these issue.

Some homeowners are trying to clean up the mess the flooding is leaving behind.

One woman in Newaygo County says the floor inside her home in Brohman was actually floating.

The homeowner says she has lived there for 15 years and has never had anything even close to this happen before.

This home sits quite a bit lower than the rest around in the area.

The homeowner described it like a waterfall into her home. 

“The amazing part about it was a current, it was making it move fast,” said Joya Craighead.

Around 12 p.m. Thursday, Joya scrambled to pick up everything in her home.

“By that time the water was up mid-calf on me and it was coming in through the walls and under the floor. My floor was floating,” explained Joya.

Newaygo County Emergency Services Director Abby Watkins said, “Unfortunately, with these type of weather patterns, when we’ve been cold for so long have had so much snow there’s still frost on the ground. When we get an inch and a half to two inches of rain, that waters going to go wherever it can.”

Watermarks show at least a foot of water flooded the home.

“Floor damage, carpet is wet, walls are wet. Some of the stuff that I could move, I moved out of the way, so it’s basically in my walls and on my floors, which the walls is what concerns me because of the black mold,” said Joya.

Newaygo County is now under a local disaster declaration.

That allows them to bring in more resources to help homeowners and the community recover from this and what’s still to come.

“It’s kind of amazing to me that when you’re in control of your life and then all of a sudden you see something happening that Mother Nature’s doing it, there’s absolutely nothing that you can do about it. I felt helpless and the only thing I could do was start praying and cry,” explained Joya.

The county wants anyone with damage to go to their website, where you can submit a report.

If you don’t have access to internet, you can call 211 to report it.