Big Rapids Bestselling Author Hits Life’s Funny Bone

Life is a lot of things in literature. A highway. A diverging path in the woods.

And sometimes life’s just funny.

Big Rapids Author Robert Eastley uses life’s chuckle-worthy moments as fodder for his books.

Including his latest work, “I Like That Word: The Daily Gripe Strikes Again.”

The English professor at Ferris State University says it’s a collection of short stories–some only a couple pages long–that definitely feel relatable.

“All these stories are the kind of thing any person would experience,” he says. “The first day you try to ride your brand new 29 speed bike…or you’re just out for a run and get accosted by a dog that is the size of a rhino or whatever.”

And his previous book, “The Daily Grip,” is an Amazon bestseller.

If Robert Eastley and his new book have peaked your curiosity, learn more in the video above.

Or meet him in person at a book signing at the Old Pioneer Store & Emporium in Big Rapids this Saturday.

“I Like That Word: The Daily Gripe Strikes Again” can be found here on

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