UPDATE: Chippewa County Child Found After Being Abducted By Two Armed Suspects

Two men have been arrested in an intense kidnapping case out of Chippewa County.

The 5-year-old police say they took is now safe.

Around 7:15 Wednesday night Chippewa County deputies say two men went to a home on North Whitefish Point Road in Paradise. 

The say the men bound and gagged a woman who was outside of the home and put her in a parked vehicle.

From there, police say George Cunningham and John Stygler went into the home armed with knives, chemical spray and blunt objects looking for a 5-year-old boy.

One of the men, it’s unclear which, is the child’s father.

They found a man and four kids inside.

Deputies say Cunningham and Stygler sprayed and zip tied them before continuing their search for the 5-year-old.

One of the victims managed to cut themselves free and stabbed one of the men.

Shortly after, the suspects took off with the 5-year-old child.

Deputies eventually found them on the ice on Whitefish Bay, heading towards Canada.

Deputies arrested Cunningham and Stygler.

They now face charges for kidnapping, assault, home invasion and child endangerment.