Missaukee County Residents Will See an Increase in 911 Surcharge

Those living in Missaukee County will soon be seeing an increase in their 911 surcharge, but it’s something they approved in this past election.

The money from a 911 surcharge goes all to the 911 operations.

Right now, Missaukee County residents are paying 42 cents, but Sheriff Will Yancer says that will go up to $3 come October.

He says in the Great Lakes area, they have the oldest phone system available.

With this surcharge, they hope to update their system and even allow for 911 texting.

Yancer says this increase will help them out a lot.

“Right now our 911 is funded partially by 911 funds that come from the state but the rest comes out of the general fund. Obviously general funds are tighter and tighter each year so this will help alleviate some of that strain that’s on the general fund budget,” said Yancer.

The $3 charged will be per phone line every month.