Former New York Mayor’s Charity Will Donate $10 Million to Opioid Crisis in Michigan

$10 million will now be invested to help fight a crisis plaguing our state.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s charity just announced on Thursday they will donate $10 million to help Michigan fight the opioid crisis.

The money from the Bloomberg Philanthropy will go to projects like providing naloxone in more places and improving data collection systems.

We talked to the Families Against Narcotics Grand Traverse County chapter who hopes the money will go to prevention, teaching in schools, and other agencies committed to helping combat this crisis.

“This is grass roots, this is the community doing it for the community but money would sure make it a lot easier,” said secretary for FAN Lyn Conlon. “FAN has a very tight budget itself and we do what we can with it, it’s all volunteer, there’s no paid people doing all this work.”

Bloomberg said he hopes this money will spare more families from the heartbreak of these losses.