Former Kingsley Middle School Principal Preliminary Exam Waived, Heading for Trial

The courtroom was filled on Thursday as victims prepared to testify against former Kingsley Middle School principal Karl Hartman at his preliminary exam but the hearing was waived and he will now head to trial.

This is an update to an investigation we’ve been following for months.

All four alleged victims were set to testify on Thursday.

Hartman now faces six charges including first degree sex crimes which could land him a life sentence.

Some of the alleged incidents happened more than 30 years ago, including one when he was a first grade teacher.

Court documents say he asked a student to pull down his pants, spanked him and then touched him inappropriately.

Hartman’s bond was raised today to $100,000 and the judge is giving him 24 hours to post it or there will be a warrant for his arrest.

“The new offense alleged criminal sexual conduct in the first degree is actually 31 years old so it’s been a 31 year old allegation so it’s not like it’s been fresh on top of that it’s a one off situation,” said Shawn Worden, Hartman’s attorney.

“To me there’s a concern that these things are happening over a course of several decades now as opposed to happening in a shorter period of time so we have a course of conduct that’s been going on for the better part of the defendants career allegedly,” said Kyle Attwood, chief assistant prosecuting attorney.

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