Chippewa County: 2 Alleged Kidnappers Charged, Family Recovering

Assault, kidnapping, and a break in.

Two men are in jail after police say they assaulted a family, tied them up, and kidnapped a 5-year-old from a Chippewa County home.

Police say George Cunningham and Jon Stygler are the men behind the wild crime spree Wednesday night.

They’re now charged with kidnapping, assault, homes invasion and child endangerment.

Police say they broke into a whitefish township home, tied up the people inside, and took off with Cunningham’s 5-year-old biological son.

The chase started on Whitefish Point and ended in the middle of frozen Lake Superior several hours after the boy was taken.

Scanner traffic found on captured the following from law enforcement.

“Him and the other suspect Jon did take the child that they were trying to get.”

After tying the family up, police say Cunningham and Styger made it out of the home with the 5-year-old.

But not before one of the kids cut off his zip ties and tried to fight back.

“The suspects have left the residence and I guess one of the children stabbed both of them.”

Police say Cunningham and Styger then sped north in a pickup truck.

“They headed northbound on Whitefish Point Road. She says they got a hiding spot somewhere up there, she doesn’t know where it is.”

Police found their truck parked on Blueberry Lane, about five miles from the home.

They say that’s where the two men took off on foot, heading east across the frozen Lake Superior.

Multiple officers followed their footprints and both men were arrested two miles off shore.

The boy was found safe.

“Your suspect George is on parole out of Newberry, arrested for CSC.”

Cunningham is a convicted sex offender, he was on parole but police say he cut his tether right after the incident so he couldn’t be tracked.

We spoke with a close family friend earlier today. He says the family is traumatized, but they are now physically okay.

Both men are due back in court later this month and face up to life in prison.