Northern Michigan in Focus: Habitat for Humanity Homeowner

Sometimes there’s moments that will change your life.

That happened to a Cadillac women and her family this week.

Corey Adkins shows you that moment in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus. 

A piece of land in Cadillac represents the future. From there, soon you’ll be hearing some laughter, maybe some tears, but the important thing is memories will created.

Those memories will start with an envelope.

“Congratulations!” said Katie Frier from Wexford/Osceola Habitat for Humanity.

“No” said Lisa in shock.

Lisa Inscho was chosen to be Habitat for Humanity’s newest partner homeowner.

“No,” said Lisa tearing up. “You told me it was another home visit!”

Katie replied, “I’m sorry, but we all came to tell you congratulations!”

Lisa got a plant as part of her surprise. It represents the roots she’ll be planting in her new home.

She’s got a lot of work in front of her to make this dream happen but she’s ready.

“I can’t breathe I’m so excited that I actually get a house of my own,” said Lisa. “Oh yes, this is a big dream come true!”

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