Flooding, Standing Water Concerns in Kalkaska County

The melting snow and ice, plus the rain on the way, has roads filling up with water.

That can turn very dangerous if drivers aren’t careful.

The problem with standing water is you don’t know how deep it is or what’s underneath.

“One person hit a pothole that was inside one of the puddles and I was like ‘did you see that?’ there was just chunks of road flying everywhere,” said Jordan Griffin from East Jordan.

That’s why Michigan State Police have one big piece of advice: slow down.

“A lot of times you don’t necessarily know how deep that water is, that standing water can be, and you can get the hydroplaning and very similar to the slushy snow that we can have that grabs the tires and kind of controls you and the vehicle unexpectedly,” said Trooper Douglas Baumann.

And drivers agree…

“Lots of people need to slow down,” said John Thorn from Manton. “Just go slow, be more careful.”

That one, simple piece of advice will help you stay in control of your car in almost any situation.

“I know we’re all in a hurry but really that few seconds or even minutes is going to save you a lot more in the long run just by slowing down and not only keeping yourself safe but other people on the roads safe as well,” said Trooper Baumann.