Cat Yoga: A New Way to Find Your Zen

Cat yoga isn’t just a fad that’s happening on the west coast, It’s happening right here in Mount Pleasant Michigan at Karma Kat Café.

Certified yoga instructor Jessica Dalton says, “Petting cats is very stress relieving, yoga is very stress relieving, so I think bringing them together is just the ultimate relaxation.”

They’re not just offering yoga at Karma Kat, they’re also helping find new homes for homeless cats. The yoga is just helping them keep their doors open.

Manager of Karma Cat Café Katelynn Sikkila says, “They are definitely not out to please you but they’re just the perfect pet. They’re relaxing and just kinda do your own thing.”

So far in their 10 months of business they have found 84 cats new homes. Livia Beckwith, the daughter of owner, Mystie Beckwith says simply, “All cats need a chance.”

This quirky workout is giving people a new way to find their zen. Dalton says, “Cat yoga I feel like we’re more interactive with the cats and it’s more outward energy whereas if it were just a regular yoga class you’d probably just focus on yourself more.”

If you would like to join a yoga class yourself or visit these adoptable fluffy cats, click here. 

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