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Tech on Tuesday: Tech to Help You Sleep

Promo Image: Tech on Tuesday: Tech to Help You Sleep

March is Sleep Awareness Month!

If you need a little help getting your recommend hours of rest after the time change this weekend, this week’s Tech on Tuesday is for you!

We’re breaking down our favorite tech to help you sleep.

If you’re like me and need a little white noise to help lull you into sleep, check out the LectroFan Micro 2. This delightful little device is a small but powerful travel-ready sound machine. With 11 built-in sleep sounds, the LectroFan Micro 2 helps you sleep through common noise disturbances. You can also pair it with your phone to listen to music, enjoy audiobooks or talk on the phone.

Quiet your mind with Relax Melodies. Here’s how it works: First, pick an ambient sound, like a waterfall. Next, add a sound from nature, like some birds chirping. Then, try adding a melodic element, perhaps some wind chimes? Mix the levels until they reach your personal relaxation sweet spot.

Or if that all sounds like too much work when you’re trying to relax, feel free to pick an existing mix from the community. Relax Melodies also offers guided exercises called Sleep Moves. Sleep Moves are designed to usher you into slumber.

Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock designed to rouse you when your body is naturally ready. So instead of setting an alarm for 6:30 a.m., tell Sleep Cycle you want to wake between 6:15 and 6:45. Sleep Cycle will then use your use device’s microphone to track your sleepy-time movements and noises in an effort to figure out when you’re at the lightest part of your sleep cycle. That’s the moment Sleep Cycle wakes you using tones with names like Warm Breeze and Nightingale.

If you’re having trouble getting your little one to settle down at bedtime, give Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories a try. These bedtime stories are designed to lull your child into a deep sleep with soothing narratives and rhythmic sounds.

The stories are each about 15-20 minutes long, and begin set to music. As the story progresses, the storytelling pace slows down. Most of these recordings end with several minutes of relaxing music.