Big Rapids Asks Drivers to Watch For Pedestrians

Big Rapids is getting the word out about pedestrians awareness in the town’s busy intersections.

Big Rapids Director of Public Safety Jim Eddinger says his department has been getting complaints of drivers not paying attention to people at crosswalks

In Michigan, Pedestrians always have the right of way when in the crosswalk and traffic cameras have captured moments where cars have come very close to pedestrians, some even making contact.

The Director says he expects these kind of issues pop up in towns all over the state and while they are looking for ways to fix the issue, the simplest answer is just for everybody to pay attention.

“People are anxious to get through that light. They are watching that light,” says Eddinger, “They’re trying to take that left-hand turn and waiting for the traffic to come through and before they turn they don’t look to the left to see if anyone’s in the crosswalk. If you’re not paying attention someone’s going to get out in front of you, it’s going to be too late”

The director says while pedestrians have the legal right of way, they too should protect themselves and make sure drivers have seen them.