Benzie Co. Man Uses Snow Pile For Good

Whether you love or hate the snow, it’s safe to say we are all wondering how long it will be around.

One Benzie County man is taking that idea, and having some fun with it this year.

Jason Stuart of Beulah built a large pile of snow in his yard.

It started when the first snow fell, and he will continue to build on it until the snow stops.

Now, Jason is taking bets on how long this big ol’ snow pile will last.

He’s asking that people make a donation of any amount to one of two nonprofits. Norte in Traverse City or 906 Adventure Team in Marquette, then take a guess.

Then Jason will give $50 of his own money to the winner.

He says he would consider making it an annual tradition.

If you’d like to donate to Norte you can head here.

And if you’d like to donate to 906 Adventure Team, you can head here.