Mackinac State Historic Parks: Preserving Michigan’s History

Mackinac State Historic Parks Offering Education Outreach Programs to Schools Across the State

“Technology is neat but sometimes seeing some of the ways things were done in the old days are more interesting than screen time,” says Greg Frey a fourth grade teacher at Gaylord Intermediate Schools. 

Helping preserve the “old” is the Mackinac State Historic Parks who offer an education Outreach program to elementary students across the state. They are taking these students on a journey back to the 1700’s and teaching them about Michigan’s natural history, i.e. the fur trade and the Great Lakes Watershed.

What impressed the students the most was the interpreters’ costumes and creativity! Steele, a fourth grader says,
“If they just came here in their normal clothes we wouldn’t actually know how they dressed.”

This outreach program is teaching students the important role the state of Michigan has had, not only the country but the world. Curator of History for the Mackinac State Historic Parks, Craig Wilson says, “People think, ‘oh it’s in the Midwest nothing really important happened.’ This was a very important place for a very long time. Global events were right here in Northern Michigan.”

These interpreters are making an impact – getting kids excited about history and feeling grateful to call Michigan home. Fourth grade student Ava says, “It’s awesome because they take the time out of their schedule to teach us things we might already know or don’t already know…”

Even as you read this, we are making history! If you are interested in learning more about the Mackinac State Historic Parks Education Outreach program click here.

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