Northern Lights Irish Dance Academy: Ready for St. Paddy’s Day!

Irish dancing dates back hundreds of years, and the talented Northern Lights Irish Dance Academy is moving the tradition forward each year.

Life lessons are taught with this traditional dance each time the students take center stage.

“I know it’s more than Irish dance–it’s discipline, coordination and it’s confidence,” says Gina Dewey, director and owner of Northern Lights Irish Dance Academy.

Gina’s students are hooked on the dance and can be found tapping their feet outside of dance class.

“I saw a performance once and I thought it looked really fun, so my mom found me in the room the next day trying to learn how to dance so she signed me up for a camp,” says Mara, who has been Irish dancing for the last six years.

This performing troop dances in front of thousands of people. Something many people never experience in a lifetime. 

“The things that they’ve been able to do and share with the world – most kids never do,” Dewey says.

Those dancers who are typically shy and introverted have no option but to face their fears.

“I don’t really like going up in front of people, but you know doing Irish dance has made me loosen up a bit,” says Mara, who has grown as both as a student and dancer.

Although these steps may look complicated, the Northern Lights Irish Dance Academy believes practice makes perfect.

“We have a motto that says Irish dance doesn’t get easier but you get better,” Dewey says. “So as you take Irish dance and practice and learn the steps, the harder steps aren’t as hard as they look.”

With confidence and a little bit of luck on their side, these dancers are ready to take on their busy St. Paddy’s Day schedules!

If you want more information or are looking to see a performance head to their website here.

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