A Clock for Clarabelle: Connecting with the Community

Here on the four, we know the importance of connecting with our community.

One man is doing it by using some creative craftsmanship and history to help a brand new baby that was born too soon.

Clarabelle Gooden came into the world at just 24 weeks.

She is currently being cared for in the NICU at Devos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids and is expected to be there until May.

Pat McKee built a hand-made, 5-foot-tall clock from the remains of a 200 year old shipwreck found on a Lake Michigan beach in Leland.

It’s being auctioned off, and every cent of the money will go to support Clarabelle’s expenses.

Bidding ends on St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday.

To learn more about the clock, or to place a bid, call Pat at 231-409-4023.

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