Wellness for the Family: The Diet That Will Make Your Body Happy

People say if you want to be healthy, you should eat the rainbow. And no they don’t mean skittles.

Registered Dietitian Grace Derocha, with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, can show you how to live life for the long haul—and it starts by setting personal goals.

“We’re finding it very important to meet people where they are, to focus on the health goals,” she says.

Health shouldn’t be complicated, and it shouldn’t include fad diets, Derocha says.

“We are bombarded by so much information,” she says. “We want to make ourselves accountable so we can do this forever and not be on some fad diet with extreme weight loss or different goals that don’t make you feel happy.”

Eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water is a start on the journey. But how do you tell what is a sustainable change in your diet?

Derocha says it’s best to avoid diets that are low in calories and eliminate food groups or foods in general.

“If I said what’s your favorite food…and I said you can never have that again, it’s not going to work,” she says.

The best thing to do us “listen to your body” and eat “lots of colors,” Derocha says.

Fresh and simple. That’s the best diet.

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