Tyson Travels: Several Months and Many Miles Later, Tyson the Dog Finally Returns Home

He’s been on the run since July but Tyson the dog’s travels are finally taking him home.

9&10 News was the first to tell you about Tyson the dog who was spotted earlier this winter in Presque Isle County.

That was around 70 miles from where he went missing in Otsego County.

Since then a group of women in Rogers City have been keeping an eye on him and keeping him fed.

Tyson was rounded up early Thursday morning, almost nine months after he went missing.

“We got the alert that there was something by the trap and we hurried up and looked,” Kortman’s Restaurant Owner Marie Mulka, said.

An alert heard round Rogers City.

“I’m going to start crying now, it was a pretty emotional thing we knew for the last seven days,” Nancy Tulgestka, said.

The special trap was signaled and sure enough a check of the trail cam confirmed.

“It was community it was love, it was reuniting Tyson with his mom, it was Nancy finally getting to meet Tyson. It was wonderful, it was absolutely fantastic. He was a perfect gentleman,” Marie Mulka, said.

A gentleman who Nancy Tulgestka helped feed for several weeks, never losing hope.

“I’ve gotten so attached to him, but I’ve never seen him, and I mean he’s absolutely beautiful. He put his head on my lap and I was just talking to him crying, we were all talking to him, Marsha was talking to him it was pretty emotional for a dog we never met it was amazing,” Tulgestka, said.

And for as much as Tyson likes to travel, he seemed happy to finally travel home.

“As I was rubbing his ears I could just feel like he was saying thank you,” Tulgestka, explained.

I think he forgot why he even took off in the first place and this was like okay finally let’s go, let’s go somewhere,” Mulka, added.

Tyson did eat most of his food, though he left behind a lasting impact on this little town.

“We live in this little town that we wouldn’t trade for the world and this is a heartfelt story with a wonderful happy ending,” Mulka, said.

“I wish I didn’t get as attached as I did, but that’s part of what I have to deal with,” Tulgestka, laughed.