Positive Parenting: The Age of Belonging

Making new friends after a move is critical to your child’s happiness, but what about when kids have problems adjusting?

New research shows the process of making new friends varies amongst age groups, but parents can help.

Seven: That’s the number of times Michael moved as a child, starting over, making new friends. 

“I think as a kid, honestly, you don’t notice that as much. I think it’s more of an exciting thing,” said Michael.

Michael’s views parallel those of a recently published study illustrating how older kids can find it hard to fit in while younger kids have an easier time with it.

What can parents do to smooth the transition? Seek out community gathering places, look for appropriate activities in settings with adult supervision and empathize with your child’s struggles to fit in.

The study followed 79 inner-city youth as they moved to the suburbs, but the overarching takeaway: the involvement of parents applies across the board.

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