Firefighters Investigating Explosion at Traverse City Car Repair Shop

An apparent explosion destroyed the garage door at a Traverse City car repair shop Thursday morning.

Firefighters were called to Traverse City Fleet Repair on South Airport Road around 11:00 a.m. Thursday.

The Grand Traverse Metro Fire Chief tells us there were three people inside at the time.

They heard an explosion and then saw the flames, they were able to get out of the building safely.

“Firefighters are now trying to figure out what caused the explosion. It’s a car repair facility and there’s all kinds of petrol chemicals and tires and greases and oils and so the building is pretty black, we are in the working it trying to figure out what’s going on,” Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department Chief Pat Parker, said.

The fire department wants everyone to make sure the fire hydrants near the home or business are not covered in snow.

On Thursday, they had to use precious time to dig out this hydrant across from the repair shop.