Cadillac Winery Tasting Room: Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing

Name a better combination than cookies and wine… I’ll wait! 

The Cadillac Winery Tasting Room is putting a unique spin on wine pairing! For just $15 they are offering an event with an assortment of wines and Girl Scout cookies!

Ashley Osowski, the owner of the Cadillac Winery Tasting Room has put time and energy into creating the perfect pairings – taking sweet, dry, red, white and dessert wines and matching them with classic Girl Scout cookie favorites!

Osowski says the most popular combo is the “‘Pucker up Lemon” wine with the lemon cookie.”

The dates for this event are Sunday, March 10th and Wednesday, March 20th.

If you are interested in attending this event or would like more information click here. 

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