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Police Catch Drug “Boss” Hiding In Gratiot County Barn

The Michigan State Police Bay Area Narcotics Team served a search warrant to a house in Shepherd early Friday morning. While approaching the house, they say a man jumped into a white F-150 truck and took off driving through town with their lights off.

They say that man was Zachariah Histed and he lead them out of town and toward the south into Gratiot County where he eventually drove into a cornfield. As he tried to clear the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail, his truck got stuck in the ditch.

Police say he then took off on foot, eventually being arrested in a nearby barn. Police found cash on his person and meth and heroin in his truck with ammunition.

Histed was arraigned on six charges in Mt. Pleasant Monday morning.

Also charged were four other people found in the house in Shepherd. Sophia Fish, Kenneth Lee, Cory Coddington and William Beatty also face felonies for the bust. Lee admitted to police Histed was referred to as “The Boss.”