Traverse City’s Table Health Helps You Work Off Your Paczki on Fat Tuesday

“Don’t do it every day but I say if these days are few and far between, enjoy it,” said health coach and personal trainer at Table Health Doug Petersen.

Many of us indulged in a paczki for “Fat Tuesday” but what does it take to work off those hundreds of tasty calories?

We talked to a physician, dietitian and personal trainer at Table Health in Traverse City to find out.

Their first recommendation?

Just don’t do it or share with friends and split it into several pieces.

For those of us who didn’t have as much self-control, they say to limit yourself in the following days.

Eat the rainbow as they say along with whole fresh foods, leafy greens and six to eight glasses of water every day.

“In general just to give you an idea, it would be 45 minutes of moderate run maybe at five miles an hour, it would be equal to probably an hour on the elliptical at a moderate pace, probably 45 minutes of shoveling so it’s pretty significant,’ said Petersen.

They say eating one paczki, is more sugar than anyone should eat in one day let alone one sitting.

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