Governor Gretchen Whitmer Unveils First Budget Plan

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is unveiling her first budget plan to the state Senate.

Following her first State of the State address, many lawmakers looked toward Tuesday for answers to how Governor Whitmer expects to execute the plans she has for the state.

The initial budget plan calls for $60.2 billion. 

That’s a 3.6 percent increase from last year.

Included in the plan is an additional $507 million for state education, and $2.5 billion more for road funding.

That funding would come from the previously reported 45-cent gas tax increase.

The plan would also shave $100 million in state spending across all departments and remove the retirement tax.

The plan was presented in front of the state Senate and will have to be approved by both chambers before it’s ratified.

It’s a goal Whitmer hopes to complete by June.

“The simple truth is if we want to fix the damn roads, we must invest in our infrastructure. The goal is 90 percent of our roads at good to fair condition, which means a spend level of $2.5 billion additional with $1.5 billion going to state roads,” said Whitmer.

The state’s fiscal year begins October 1 when all these new plans would take effect.

Part of that record $60 billion budget plan includes funding for helping the state’s deer population.

For years, Michigan’s deer population has been impacted by chronic wasting disease.

The governor now wants $2.3 million from the general fund to go towards testing and research on CWD.

CWD has been confirmed in dozens of free-ranging deer in six counties.

There is already a ban on baiting and feeding in all lower peninsula counties because of c-w-d.