Gov. Whitmer to Propose an Increase in Gas Taxes to Fix Roads

Governor Whitmer plans to unveil her budget plan Tuesday.

In it possible hikes to education spending, and what you spend at the pump.

The governor’s main focus will be fixing roads and infrastructure.

She says that part of the budget adopted by legislature and the governor essentially has not changed in 20 years.

But she will have to sway Republicans.

First Governor Whitmer will propose a 45 cent per gallon increase in gas and diesel taxes.

The money would go to fixing roads. Right now the tax per gallon is 26 cents.

She’s proposing to add 15 cents more to that by October, then another 15 cents in April of next year.

And a final 15 cent hike in October of 2020.

We spoke with the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce and the community about this tax increase.

“A lot of what the leadership has been talking about I think they understand that new revenue will have to be part of the conversation in order to have a comprehensive solution for roads but I think insuring that, that revenue goes to roads will be a big hurdle that I think we’ll need to get over for the legislator to get on board,” says Kent Wood, Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Not necessarily happy to hear about increased taxes, but the roads are in dire need of help and we’ve gotta fix them I mean the infrastructure is in desperate need,” says Tom Gilbert of Traverse City.

The Michigan Republican Party responded to the proposed tax hike saying “this tax increase will break many people’s budgets.”