Kingsley School Bond Could Buy New Middle School, Auditorium

Kingsley Schools are outgrowing their buildings and now the district wants to build.

Kingsley refinanced the bond on the high school a few years back and that’s finally been paid off. With a clean slate, they’ll ask voters to approve a millage for money to build new facilities.

They want to add a new middle school on the campus of the high school, plus an auditorium.

If that happens, they’ll move first through fourth graders into the old middle school and put kindergarteners and pre-schoolers in the elementary school.

Plans for an auditorium have been something the district, and parents, have been dreaming of for a long time.

While Kingsley has an incredible music program, the kids have nowhere to play. Right now, they’re using the middle school gym, in between sports practices of course.

“I’ve been saying we need an auditorium,” said band booster Jena Van Wagner. “We have amazing bands – award winning bands – state recognized bands, and they play on a gym floor. We go to communities all around us and they all have auditoriums. You feel kind of ashamed; it’s a point of pride to have an auditorium.”

For Kingsley superintendent Keith Smith the time to build is now.

“We’ve got teachers testing kids in custodial closets, we’ve got staff assigned to work in the hallways, we’re just out of space, we’re at a point where we have to do something for the kids,” said Smith. “It made a lot of sense to [want to build] the middle school next to the high school.”

The whole project will cost voters seven mills all in all.

The school still wants to gather community input and still has to figure out how the driveways will be built and how it will impact traffic.

If the millage passes in May construction will still not start for a few years.