Measles Cases Increasing; Posing Threat to Unvaccinated Children

A growing public threat.

That’s what doctor’s called a recent measles outbreak related to a decrease in vaccination rates.

There have been close to 160 confirmed cases in 10 states this year, often times in communities where parents hesitate to vaccinate their children.

During a hearing on Capitol Hill, representatives talked to experts about the need for vaccinations as the primary prevention tool.

Doctors from the CDC and National Health Institutes told lawmakers that measles continues to circulate around the globe, posing a threat to any unvaccinated child.

But there are some that believe vaccinations may cause negative side-effects.

“I’ve heard some parents claim that measles vaccines can cause brain inflammation known as encephalitis, is that true,” Rep. Brett Guthrie of Kentucky said.

“In healthy children, MMR vaccine does not cause brain swelling or encephalitis,” said Nancy Messonnier, MD and director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

Doctors say that anyone who has concerns about a particular vaccine or the recommended vaccine schedule should discuss it with their child’s pediatrician.