Brilliant Book Ideas for Kids: ‘The Dog That Ate the World’ & ‘P is for Pterodactyl’

Sure, kids’ books can be silly, happy and carefree.

But they can often bring with them important lessons.

Anthony Ascione, from Brilliant Books in Traverse City, has a suggestion for your young reader that also comes with amazing art.

‘The Dog That Ate the World’ by Sandra Dieckmann

“(This) is one of those children books that came along and when I read it, may have changed me a little bit as an adult,” Ascione says. “It is about a group of forest animals who live together happily and in harmony in the woods, and then a dog comes along one day who starts eating everything. They at first try to welcome the dog into their circle and kind of share with him, but all he does is eat and eat and eat and soon enough he grows big enough that he is a menace…it is another one where the illustrations go an extra place. There is so much detail and there is just so many little things to look at.”

‘P is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever’

Learning to read is hard.

Even more so when you take into account those wacky words like quinoa or czar.

Here’s another great choice for the littles from Brilliant Books’ Anthony Ascione.

“I am a huge fan of alphabet books, I think it is a really fun style of book,” Ascione says. “It’s a fun learning tool, everyone appreciates the alphabet…This is all the unsung letter words—the silent letter words as in Pterodactyl, D is for Djibouti. It is the words that don’t actually have the letter sound on them. Maybe not the best tool for learning the alphabet but it is a fun tool for learning new fun words.”

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