US 131 in Antrim County Reopens; Travel Still Not Advised

It is a mess out there!

It’s so messy that even U.S. 131 closed down for several hours and just re-opened. 

The snow and wind made conditions so bad on 131 Sunday night the Antrim County Road Commission actually decided to abandon their efforts to keep the stretch between Elmira and Alba open.

They made that call around 9 Sunday night.

Right now that stretch of U.S. 131 is back open.

The sheriff tells us at one point conditions got so bad that they even told tow trucks not to go out on the roads.

Drivers are still finding themselves stuck in drifts this afternoon.

The road commission got 131 reopened at about 10:30 Monday morning.

But be careful! There are still plenty of spots where whiteout conditions are possible.

After talking with the sheriff, the road commission and state police, they all say even though the worst is behind is, it’s still bad enough that if you don’t have to go  out you should stay off the roads.