Traverse City Boy Sends Letter that Brings Homeless Shelter to Tears

The winter is the Goodwill Inn homeless shelter’s busy season.

Their population doubles this time of year as people flee the cold. It’s already a busy season. But the past few weeks have been especially difficult because of short staffing.

Working at the Inn can be tiring, says director of operations Jayce Ashwill, who’s been pulling long days the past few weeks to make sure the Inn can help as many people as possible.

Many days, he sees shivering, cold families and children who need his help.

“That stuff can do a lot to you emotionally, it can be sad to see that type of stuff,” said Ashwill.

Ashwill and his staff were tired and drained. Until they got a special note from a special young boy.

A few weeks ago, he opened a handwritten letter scrawled in handwriting that looked like it was done by a child.

It said,

“Dear the people of the Goodwill Inn, I got some money for Christmas and I want to give it to the children at the Goodwill Inn tell them to buy something they will enjoy please. Thank you.”

The letter touched Ashwill in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time.

“We had had a couple of really sad, tragic things happen [that day] and I read the note and started crying,” said Ashwill.

The writer, a young man named Fynn Pomaranski, included $80 he got from his Grandma at Christmas. He wanted to use the money to help the people who needed it most.

He intended to help the children of the Inn, but helped many more instead.

“On behalf of the people who work here, not even those of us who are getting the money, thank you, because little acts of kindness make a huge difference in people’s lives in the people who live here and the people who work here,” said Ashwill.

Ashwill met Fynn for the first time Monday, and finally had a proper chance to say thank you. Fynn hopes his donation can become a yearly tradition.

“Some people are homeless, some people don’t have money, some people don’t have a lot of things,” said Pomaranski. “I want them to buy something the people will like that they’ll use a lot.”

The Goodwill Inn plans to use Fynn’s donation to buy outdoor toys for their toddlers.