Otsego County Roads Still Dangerous to Travel; Roads Back Open

Roads are back open in Otsego County.

That’s after an emergency travel advisory issued Sunday night closed down every road in the county until early Monday morning.

Crews worked tirelessly to clear massive snow drifts, but still first responders say drivers should stay home unless it’s completely necessary.

With the wind still blowing and many roads covered in a slick layer of snow like this one, first responders want people to stay off the roads until at least Tuesday.

Whether it’s slide-offs or cars completely stuck, first responders have been responding to calls non-stop since Sunday night.

The area around I-75 took the brunt of the storm, with complete white out conditions that lasted until Monday afternoon.

Even with the warning some still had to brave the roads.

One man we spoke with, says he had to pick up his wife from work Sunday night.

“The visibility over there was really bad, there was one time I had to stop in the road and basically wait for it to clear because I just couldn’t see anything. The snow drifts on this road were a good three feet high,”

Scary conditions for many.

In some spots the plows even had trouble getting by.

Even a snow plow got buried in snow.

And it’s going to take several more hours of work to get these roads back on track.