Fabulous Food Finds Hit Traverse Magazine’s March Issue

Popcorn and beer, chicken and waffles—this is a foodie’s dream come true.

When it comes to quality food and drink, the options are endless across Northern Michigan.

But that means choosing a place can be a daunting task.

Emily Tyra, editor of Traverse Magazine, says the new March “Craft Food & Dink” issue does all the hard work for us.

And it was hard work, trying food at 40-plus locations.

“Kind of as a flavor fiend, I went across the north along with our food writer Tim Thibault and found new things that maybe you haven’t tried before,” Tyra says. “Why not print out the map that we have to find all these food finds?”

Tyra discovered everything from chicken and waffles to “really amazing” baklava.

But let’s not forget Frankfort’s Stormcloud Brewing Company is also featured in the magazine as a local food find.

Co-Owner and head brewer Brian Confer says there is a science to pairing beer with popcorn.

“One of the tips you see when pairing IPA’s is with something spicy,” he says. “ I am not as big of a fan of that as I am pairing it with something sweet—but with this you get both—popcorn drizzled with honey and sriracha, so it is sweet and a little a spicy.”

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