Antrim Co. Road Commission Manager: Conditions ‘By Far’ The Worst He’s Seen

While some were told to stay off the roads completely, others ended up stuck on the road through the night.

Drivers got stranded after a stretch of U.S. 131 shut down for more than 12 hours because of the blizzard conditions.

Forty-five mile per hour wind gusts, blowing and drifting snow essentially forced the road commission to call it quits on trying to clear 131 between Elmira and Alba.

The sheriff tells us several semi drivers and one other motorist got stuck on the highway all night.

They kept in touch with 911 dispatcher’s to make sure they had enough fuel to keep warm in their cars overnight.

The road commission reopened the road around 10:30 Monday morning, but it’s still a slow-go for drivers.

“It’s open but it’s narrow. I came with a semi coming at me the other way and we were tight in through there. The snowdrift is still over the white line,” says Sean McKeough of Gaylord.

“Blowing and poor visibility is common through there. This was by far the worst I’ve seen. This is the first time in my 24 years that we’ve stopped plowing a section of road like that,” says Burt Thompson, Antrim County Road Commission manager.

The road commission manager also says there’s ice all over the paved roads and the side roads are covered in snow and ice.

The sheriff wants you to remember, when you choose to go out you’re also putting emergency response, the road commission, and law-enforcement at risk in case you’re involved in an accident.