Midland Center for the Arts: A New Exhibit That’s Out of this World

Midland Center for the Arts is always offering new interactive exhibits but this one is out of this world.

It’s called “Space” and was curated in house so you can’t find this exhibit anywhere else in the country or in the world!

They have artifacts on loan like space suits, meteorites and newspaper clippings from many organizations. including NASA. 

Director of Museums at MCFTA, Julie Johnson says, “When we think about outer space and space travel, we think how does it feel to live on another planet? How do we get there? How many other planets are there? Are there other types of life forms? That’s what’s so fun about space!”

Director of Education at MCFTA, Jennifer Kanyo says this exhibit, “allows visitors to feel what it’s like to be an astronaut as well as learn about the sun moon and the planets in our solar system.”

During our visit to Midland Center for the Arts we met some kids from a local school having a field trip!

When asked, Brady who is 9 years old said he knew exactly what he would do if he saw an alien…”I would probably say hi or like run! I would either run to my space shop if it was by me or I’d say hi and try to be nice.”

Dayne, who is 10 years old, says, “Sometimes you have to go places and some things you learn things you never thought about thinking.”

This exhibit is fostering creativity and imagination for kids and adults of all ages and goes until mid-May.

If you want more information or are looking to buy tickets, click here.

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