Reminder: Clear Snow and Ice Off Your Vehicle

With more snow in the forecast, here’s an important reminder for drivers:

Make sure all that snow and ice is off your car before you hit the road.

Chippewa County Central Dispatch released two photos that show the windshield of a car that was smashed-in by ice and snow that flew off the car in front of him.

The driver is okay, but state police say this was completely avoidable.

Police want everyone to make an extra effort to get all the snow and ice off your car or truck.

“I know it takes a little extra work and it is cold outside, we all get it, but you have to take that extra time to clear your car off to not just make sure you’re safe when you’re driving on the road, but you are protecting the people around you as well,” Michigan State Police Lt. Travis House, said.

One more reason to get rid of snow and ice, police can ticket you if it blocks your sight while driving.