Northern Michigan Lawmaker Wants The State Out Of National Emergency Lawsuit

Michigan has joined a lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration to fund a border wall, but it’s a move that doesn’t sit well with a Northern Michigan lawmaker.

State Representative Michele Hoitenga, (R) of Wexford County, says she doesn’t want to see any state tax dollars spent on the lawsuit.

The suit was filed Monday by the attorney general of California, and since then 15 other state attorneys general have joined the lawsuit, including Michigan’s.

Attorney General Dana Nessel says it’s a “fake emergency” that is a “publicity stunt.” But Representative Hoitenga says Michigan should stay out of it.

She says every state listed in the lawsuit is run by a Democrat administration, and it is a “partisan attack” against the president.

Hoitenga says, “National emergency declaration is a federal issue. Spending Michigan tax dollars that could be used for roads and infrastructure or our schools, in my opinion, is just irresponsible.”

Representative Hoitenga says after receiving an overwhelming number of phone calls to her office, and posts on social media, she has written a letter to the state attorney general asking her to stop spending tax dollars on the lawsuit.

She says she is drafting a resolution to put in front of the full state House, asking for support from her fellow lawmakers.

You can read Hoitenga’s letter to Attorney General Nessel here: AG-Letter-Federal-Wall-Lawsuit